Pope Sixtus III created Easter as a ‘Pagan-draw’ ceremony to bring the pagans out of paganism. That he named it after their Whore-God, Eoster (aka ISIS, the patron goddess of Babylon, who the main ‘Blue Gate’ that is now at Pergamon Museum in Berlin Germany, was dedicated to. Isis, aka EOSTER, was the patron-goddess of prostitutes and merchants, as well as fertility).

Easter was NEVER named after Ester, as many Christians are made to believe. Easter was named by a Pope after a pagan goddess of whores, to draw the pagans into Christianity during their ‘season of fertility’.

Christians – you are celebrating a pagan holiday, and are just about six-months off from Jesus’ crucifixion date.
(we could have already told you this, but you never listen)

The only thing that Christians had to compete with Sex... is guilt.... notice my surprise.

Posted ON Wed, April 21, 2021 at 1:06:39 pm MDT
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