Use FRAPs to display FPS in game
This game is CPU intensive with things like sound thrown at the processor it will not work on single core.
Performance should be much better for everyone now with full optimization and it will get even better after some patches and more stable.
All the items here should still work and help esp shadows and going to dx9.

Make sure you download the latest video drivers from Nvidia and ATI. Use beta drivers at your own risk. (March 5th, NVIDIA recommends reverting back to the older 196.21 drivers until they figure out what is going on.) Source

In Game Settings

1. Turn settings to lowest resolution and low setting
2. Turn sound down from hi-fi to headset (you will have to do this each time you load the game) BC2 uses a lot CPU for sound. If your PC can handle it wartapes is the best)

Settings File is located – Here

1. Change sound quality to low (also changeable in game menu but resets every time to hifi)
2. Change DXVersion-auto to 9 to force DX9
3. Change Bloom=true to false
4. Change HSAO=true to false (also settable in the in-game “advanced” graphics settings)helps esp with quad core
5. Change renderaheadlimit to 0 instead of 2 *New in Retail

Other settings.ini changes that you can try: (from BadCompanyTwo.Com)

- Undergrowth=”medium” – Put this to low, if experiencing frame-rate issues. This map has a lot of it.
- Water=”medium” – Not really any water to traverse in this map, go ahead and set this to low.
- MSAA=”2? – This is Anti-aliasing, this will always use up a lot of a gpx cards resources. Set this to “0?
- Shadows=”medium”- you can also set this to low to improve performance
- Textures=”medium”- Setting this to low can improve FPS at the cost of visual eye candy.
- Aniso=2 – Set this to 0 to disable Anisotropic filtering.

To force the use of all processors:

- Add “+fullproc” without the quotations to your desktop shortcut or Steam game’s “launch options”. (this should be active at release)

-You can go to Task Manager and manually heighten the priority to force it to use more CPU See Picture

To fix sticky controls (for those who get key shadow/lag with wasd etc):
- Delete the joystick controls under foot (options->controls->foot), then it works fine

To run the game in a window:
- Simply hit alt+enter and change your resolution to something smaller than your desktop.

To enable the Steam overlay on DirectX 10 and 11:
- Participate in the Steam client beta (Settings > Account > Beta participation).

For sticky/laggy mouse issues:
- Disable mouse acceleration in the game’s mouse settings, and turn off Vsync in the graphics settings.

What ports should I open for multiplayer if I’m having connectivity trouble? (from EA UK forums)
- Port: 80 TCP
- Port: 18121 TCP
- Port: 18126 TCP
- Port: 18126 UDP
- Port: 13505 TCP

You can’t look up-down and/or left-right – “my mouse isn’t working”
- You’ve accidentally bound something to the axes that BF2 uses for looking around.
- Reset your controls to fix this
- In future, when binding things to your mouse, pay close attention; if you move the mouse at all while binding, it will register & bind that horizontal or vertical movement axes, replacing your look ones.

Also if you are having problems there are beta drivers available that are supposed to fix some problems (ie reflective water with ati cards)..check the forums

If your game is constantly Crashing:

- Make Sure you are running the game as Administrator

If you have an ATI Card:

-Set Catalyst A.I to max

How to adjust your FOV -Field of View *New in Retail

-In your Settings.ini we showed you before in My Documents/BFBC2 the default is FOV=55 you can adjust that up to 120 (per repi)

The FOV in the settings.ini file is the vertical FOV, people usually talk about horizontal FOV, so you have to convert your desired HFOV to VFOV using this calculator: FOV calculator. Enter your screen resolution in pixels (e.g. 1920×1200), then the desired HFOV, click calculate, and it will show you the VFOV setting you need to put in settings.ini. -Thanks to Renegade from UK forums for this info -

55 FoV = ~80 horizontal FoV
65 FoV = ~90 horizontal FoV
75 FoV = ~100 horizontal FoV
85 FoV = ~110 horizontal FoV
95 FoV = ~120 horizontal FoV

And some more.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Tips & Tricks

    I'll kick this off.

    You do NOT have to arm the M-COMs and alert the enemy of your presence when you can blow it up with C4....

    If you are Recon /w the Explosives perk, you have enough C4 to take it out by yourself. It takes 12 C4 to blow up an M-COM.

    Server Details:


    Special thanks to Darksteel for compiling these tips.

    General tips

        * The view through the mounted AT can be zoomed giving you great view of the enemy, and since it is steerable you can "snipe" anyone from great distances.
        * Putting down ammo and health boxes in places that teammates can use them easily can get you lots of points you dont have to work for, so stop being stingy with them.
        * Getting hurt seems to fuck up your aim, so make sure to be accurate rather than down the person fast. Spray also seems to increase dramatically if you full auto it. Also, it seems much harder to rambo in this game than in BF2/2142 which means covering your teammates will probably be more important.
        * Pistols are VERY good in this game. Not overpowered or anything, just actually useful. Even at a distance you can pick people off that are relatively still, and its great for finishing people off if your primary clip ran out.
        * There are many guns that all classes get, and some of them are pretty decent. The shotgun especially (not the auto shotty--the one w/ 4 in the chamber) is awesome. If you are reasonably close and accurate its one shot one kill. Otherwise use your pistol.
        * I kind of like the auto shotty, at least if its laggy, you can just empty your whole clip into someone and get a sure kill. The other shotgun would be better though without lag when you will get a hit the first shot.
        * Use your knife to destroy doors and fences without wasting ammo.
        * When attacking use the grenade launcher or AT rockets to destroy mounted weapons or other cover points even if no one is there, it will help the people coming behind you.
        * When defending, eliminate enemy cover. Mounted machine guns are excellent at this. A great thing to do for the 30 seconds after you lose a position in Rush mode.
        * When your local medic dies, pick up his kit (E by default) and then revive him.
        * I found that sometimes its best to simply act as a mobile spawn point for your squad, especially if you find a very advantageous area. This worked wonders for me in a pub game during the first set of M-COM's, I was able to sneak up the building with the giant armored machine gun, I then guarded the stair case and squad mates would spawn on me and sprint down to the A point nearby, and if they were killed, they would simply try again until we eventually got it.
        * Spot spot spot, and then spot some more. It's vital to spot tanks/vehicles If you are shooting at someone, there is no reason not to be spotting them.
        * Guns appear to be extremely accurate when zoomed in while moving. At first glance it seems like a bad idea, but if it were different, snipers would probably become overpowered.
        * Any enemy you see is a potential spawn point. They are like an infestation that needs to be exterminated before it spreads.
        * Rocks and earth are permanent cover. Know thy terrain.
        * C4 can be worth it in some games. It's fun to leave presents when you fall back.
        * If someone is on a mounted gun, hit them with a tracer dart. This will allow an Engineer to easily destroy the gun without exposing him/her self (depending on the location of course). Its very easy to do to the shielded machine guns. For the on shielded ones you will most likely tag the player.
        * If you kill a recon, pick up his kit and throw any motion sensors he has, because most of your team's recons are too busy not helping to throw them.
        * Don't leave your squad or objective to help another squad. If the other squad can't stand on their own that's too bad, MCOMs and Flags are going to fall. I can't stress this enough, leaving a flag to help defend another flag is a net loss because you've given the enemy the opportunity to take a flag without a fight. Instead you should try and get a good vantage and help with what you can from where you are.
        * You'd be surprised how much damage you can do from another flag just by spotting and taking pot shots. Darting vehicles, for example, is usually pretty effective because the driver is more concerned with avoiding fire from the flag he's attacking then some rooftop across the map. If they're going to loose it's either because they suck or they're outnumbered and either way it's a crapshoot. You're much better off letting them play out the Alamo than jumping in with them. When the other squad respawns on your flag they'll appreciate that you knocked down all the trees and the enemy squads have to charge across an open field.
        * When you're actually in a fire fight don't get MW2 disease. Everybody does this but try not to chase some dumb bastard around a corner because he might turn into 4 dumb bastards. Then you get ganked and your squad is at a disadvantage. Instead stay in position with your squad and punch a hole in the wall. If he does turn into 4 dumb bastards they're 4 dumb bastards without cover and a squad already shooting at them. Don't even worry about conserving cover, even with everything razed the rubble provides more cover than we had on previous BF games and we survived those just fine. If all else fails smoke grenades seem like they might actually be effective this time around.
        * Speaking of corner running around tips. If you know someone is going to follow you around a corner, instead of trying to get him when he comes around the corner, wait a few seconds then pop back out. Besides the surprise advantage, a lot of players will be sprinting up to the corner to try and close the distance, making it even easier to kill them. You will also know if they are actually following you this way.
        * This is from abit of observation but don't be afraid to flank or try a different angle of attack. Far too often I see squads/teams go straight into the meat grinder where the enemy team is deeply entrenched. Also don't be afraid to push as attackers and abit as defenders. It may feel safe to be with half your team behind some rock but it doesn't help take objectives. In short take some risks and screw your K/D ratio.
        * Santa's Tips & Tricks.
        * C4 Destruction Guide

    Assault tips

        * As assault, watch for choke points where your squad or your team is collecting. Drop your medkit or ammo there and collect the booty as your teammates run out of both.
        * A soldier standing next to an ammo box can make for a very annoying grenade spam machine.
        * If you are using the Grenade launcher, the most effective way to create as much destruction as possible is to:
          1) Drop ammo pack.
          2) Fire Grenade Launcher
          3) Toss Grenade
          4) Reload Grenade Launcher. Go back to 2 or 1.
          That sequence will allow you to refill on both your launched and hand tossed grenades.
        * Always have a pack deployed.
        * You have ammo packs, throw nades. They don't often kill, but they can destroy walls/cover and flush out an enemy.
        * A lot of peeps seem to think the grenande launchers are over-powered. I don't, and I'm starting to use them mostly just to clear cover, make a hole or bring down buildings. The biggest drawback of the gl is that it makes it really hard to spot. In many situations, I think the M16 (any good AR) + spotting is a much better option. No matter how you slice it, a GL atached to a superior AR is a pretty powerful thing. It may even be almost as powerful as a medic or a sniper.
        * I was messing around a bit with the smoke grenades while seeding the server. I think they will be very useful once there's VOIP so you can coordinate. Here are some tips on how to use them.
        * When arming the MCOM you could put smoke directly on it to reduce your chances of being shot. But since there's so many rockets and grenades flying around it might not be so useful. Smoking the line of sight to the MCOM is probably more effective.
        * Once the MCOM is armed, you will want to continue smoking the approaches. This way defenders are coming in blind, all you care about is defending the MCOM so you don't need to see anybody far away anyway. Don't smoke the MCOM directly once armed or you will miss it being disarmed.
        * If you're standing next to an ammo pack you can spam smoke. You can have about 5 smoke rounds out if you continuously fire. With that many rounds you can lay down a wide wall. The wall of smoke could also work for the defending team in certain situations. By laying out a wall a medium distance away from your position, you can cover your team from snipers while still giving a good killing zone for the rest of the attackers. Spotting still works through the smoke so if they come through and then retreat they will probably die.
        * For defense this would only work in certain places. You would need a narrow spot to force the attackers through, otherwise the smoke would just let them flank.
        * Smoke is useful on approaches to mcoms and cq flag objectives.
        * For defense teams, I would not promote smoke at all; you want to be blowing up any cover/concealment attackers are using, not providing it.
        * There are also times when smoke is more of a hindrance to your team. During that day of testing I learned a lot of situations where smoke is bad. It definitely has to be used wisely, much like deciding whether to destroy cover.
        * The most frequently effective use of it is to cut off your enemies, essentially creating a wall they have to get through, to target spot and shoot you. As they get through it, one or two at a time, your entire group has a shot at them. For example, when hitting an M-comm, smoke it early before your team is there so the enemy spams their nades on it, giving up their position. As your team gets closer, make a wall between the M-Comm and the defenders. Similar tactics can be used in taking and holding beach heads.
        * Keep smoke either on the enemy, or between yourselves and the enemy, not on your team mates. The only times you want smoke on your team is if you are covering a very short area into good cover, or when you're caught out in the open with your pants down.
        * Don't smoke if you have fire superiority. That takes your rifle out of the fight, and makes it harder for your team mates to kill the enemy.
        * Smoking is a lot more effective when attacking or facing a larger or superior force.
        * Don't be afraid to smoke a point you're not going for... smoke makes an excellent distraction.
        * Don't be shy with your nades when you're laying down smoke.
        * Smoke is extremely effective at supressing protected positions, buildings, mounted weapons and enemy vehicles.
        * The smoke launcher is a situational weapon. If the situation doesn't call for smoke, the gl is a much better option. For exampke, if the enemy has a ton of snipers on a ridge, but those snipers are relatively inneffictive, it's not worth smoking them. If the enemy is shooting the crap out of you, and you can't get near a point, smoke can turn the tide.
        * Against infantry attacks what I said would be limited in where you can use it. You would need to have a spot narrow enough so they cant just use the smoke to flank around. And the defenders need to have a position far back from the smoke. If you can force people to come through smoke, they are at a huge disadvantage, smoke is very poor cover compared to a wall. You can't just peek out, fire then hide again. The defenders will see your silhouette and start shooting before you see them. And because of spotting you will probably die if you try to turn and run.
        * Against tanks I think this can be very effective, the third stage on port valdez for example. The attackers get a tank, but that tank has to come down a narrow road. If you smoke the road you stop the tank from sitting back where his engies are safe. With smoke, if he wants to do anything he has to come through blind. When he comes through he will be in range of the TOW, he wont know where the bradley is or any AT infantry. Smoking that road would also allow defending infantry to move across to the water side because they wouldnt have to worry about the tank covering that whole section of the map.
        * The problem with this defense plan is just getting your team to work around it. You would need the bradley to be watching the smoke, and have a sniper staying nearby the TOW. If the bradley decided to go chase some infantry it might let the tank come through.

    Medic tips

        * As medic, watch for choke points where your squad or your team is collecting. Drop your medkit or ammo there and collect the booty as your teammates run out of both.
        * Medics supporting someone using a mounted weapon/weapons are awesome. A good squad supporting a key mounted weapon is sublime.
        * Always have a pack deployed.

    Engineer tips

        * Battlefield Damage comparisons with the RPG/Carl Gustav.
        * AT4 guided rockets are very similar to BF2 rockets.
        * In combination with the spotting system, you can fire from behind cover and then guide the rocket to the target.
        * Briefly leaving cover to track the end of the rockets flight can help make those tricky/long distance shots, while minimizing exposure.
        * Rockets can be guided, even while not zoomed in.
        * Even from close range, you can fire and curve the round directly into the paralell side of a vehicle. (side/top if in front of the tank, rear if on side.)
        * Rockets that hit tanks from straight up tend to do a lot of damage.
        * When shooting guided rockets at choppers, don't be afraid to lead them too far. It's a lot easier to come back at them than to chase them. You can hit choppers, even good ones, but you need to practice. One shot brings them down, but gives the peeps inside time to eject (Unless it's already significantly damaged).
        * Found a video that displays how the tracer dart works and how an RPG locks onto a vehicle. A vehicle that's been darted will have a flashing square around it when you zoom in with the RPG. Look at the square until the flashing becomes a solid square. Once it's solid, you can fire your rocket in any direction and it will redirect towards your target. Knowing this is critical for any armor map.

    Recon tips

        * Recons get grenade-like BF2ish UAV scanners. Throw it and a small thing on the radar will show all enemies in close proximity. Spam these or I will kill you.
        * Snipers can make themselves useful and spot shit for the guys going in.
        * Sniping is extremely difficult in this game but i'm getting better. The biggest thing to realize is that there is bullet drop, and it is significant. Also, the bullet doesnt get there instantaneously, so you have to lead at a distance. The amount by which you have to aim above and to the side of a target depends on the distance, and its just something you have to get used to. Just as in BF2, if you make a body shot you should immediately whip out the pistol and get one shot in (even if you are far away, pistols are incredibly accurate in this game). If you hit them anywhere with a sniper bullet, it will take one pistol shot to down the person. Typically if someone gets hurt from a sniper, they immediately run to cover before you can bring the scope up to shoot him again. Pistol is faster. Headshots though kill in one shot, so always try to go for these if the target is relatively stationary.
        * If you are sniping, bring the mortar binoculars. Dont use it on one person, but instead try to use it on clumps of people and especially if you can time it such that a group runs into the mortar strike, youll rack up kills. It can also be effective on armor, even killing light armor in one blow if it doesnt move quickly enough. I dont think C4 is good as a sniper because you will rarely be close enough to armor anyway. If you are a shotgun recon though, C4 is a must.
        * As an alternative to sniper, recon can go DM and take the type-88 with the 4x red-dot scope. You won't be the long-range killer, but it is very effective at medium ranges.
        * I've been planting the C4 on trees. On the first stage of the defense it's useful on the left side, the attackers will usually run for the tree line when coming down the road which you then blow up. You can do that trick a couple times before you run out of trees at which point the line of sight is clear for sniping. Being on the left side is nice because the houses shield you from the perpetual Snipers-in-Construction-Building-vs-Snipers-Behind-Rock-on-Hill battle of monotony. It's also useful in a couple other areas for opening up cover for better sniping.
        * A relatively minor thing that's probably old news for BF2 vets: with bolt-action rifles, you can hold down the LMB to continue looking down the sight even after a shot. This can help you determine drop at certain distances.
        * Some sniper rifles can also take down many trees with one shot.
        * A good sniper working with/close to the sqad can be a valuable asset. Having 4 kits/4 slots is no accident.
        * When spotting for your mortar, make every effort to focus on a spot where no-one will run in front of you, making you start over. You can actually target tree trunks, light posts etc... almost any object. Aiming for the tops of roofs or trees can enable you to call the mortar from cover. Be creative, use the terrain.
        * It appears as though damage to first floor walls bring buildings down faster than the higher floors. Damage to the indestructable interior walls and stairs does not appear to bring buildings down. Many buildings will come down in 4 mortar strikes.
        * When sniping, the SVU Snaiperskaya Short is probably the best choice for precision work.
        * It has little power, but its silent. When sniping on a grassy map, this can save your life.
        * It's accuracy rating is deceptive - it is based on repeated shots, as the recoil makes every next shot less accurate. If you shoot slow, or are decent with headshots, it is perfectly accurate.
        * It's small round also seems to have less bullet drop than some of the heavier contenders. It might just be my imagination, but I have fallen in love with the silenced semi.
        * If you are the sort of person who needs the power of a bolt as a safety net, ignore me. However, sniping with a silenced sniper on this game can be incredibly rewarding, as your gun silently pops and the man across the map drops suddenly from a silent headshot, when his squad has no idea where it came from and there is no muzzle flash or noise for you to be spotted.
        * I can not tell you how many times I have scoped in, fired, reloaded, and realized an enemy was right next to me, oblivious of my presence.
        * The bolt action sniper rifles suffer from bullet drop, but the other sniper guns don't.
        * I love the auto-sniper rifles. I ten to use them in close range though with either the red dot or the 4x Scope. The VSS is the best SMG in the game.

    Vehicle tips

        * Tank gunner seemed to down the chopper pretty quickly. Just have to hope your tank driver isnt a douche.
        * Pablo posted something in another thread, and it confirmed that vehicle upgrades are cumulative. So two people with the armor upgrade will make tanks that much more healthy.
        * Apparently the tank can drive straight over a Bradley which is of course handy if you're on a narrow road and want to get behind it.
        * imo APCs are more deadly to infantry than tanks are if used correctly. The main turret is great, the main gunner seat is even better, and the side gun is somewhere in between. This is a surprise to anyone that played BF2. The side guns in the BF2 APCs weren't even worth firing.
        * Four people can definitely make an APC an infantry's nightmare. Keep the side of the APC facing the enemy so that the side gunner can be firing too. Add the main gunner and the main turret and just about any infantry that dares to walk in the line of sight should die quickly. The 4th guy can be all time engineer (no need to occupy the 2nd side gun...if you are exposed on both sides your driver sucks), and the gunners can get out and repair when shit hits the fan.
        * While having the side facing out may make you more vulnerable to AT, I think having people with the armor bonus upgrade will help to alleviate that. I think its much more important to have a 3rd gunner who can actually kill the AT guys rather than be able to survive for a longer amount of time. Best defense is a good offense
        * Additionally, if you ever run into a tank, just get the gunners out. You now have an APC and 3 AT rockets vs a tank.
        * And no, im not pulling this out of my ass. A few nights ago fehmart was driving and i was in the side gunners seat. I told him to have his side to the enemy, and picked up a whole lot of easy kills even at long distances. And that was just me--fehmart and the main gunner were also killing people.
        * If someone drops mortars onto your tank, back the tank up so that you don't separate yourself from your engineer. If you roll forward, you are asking the engineer to either not follow you, or to suicide in the mortars. Both effectively stop the engineer from repairing the tank.
        * If you crash into a red barrel with an ATV, it will explode and you will die.
        * NEVER abandon your tank.
        * If you steal an enemy tank, try to keep it for the entire map, depriving the enemy of it.
        * The f3/f4 positions in a vehicle are ideal for the engi in a vehicle squad.
        * Once you've spotted an enemy tank, fire one tank shell at them. Then quickly hop out and fire a rocket at them (assuming you are an engie). Get back in your tank and keep firing. You can't lose unless your douchebag of a gunner took the drivers position and drove away. PSA: Do not attempt this in the presence of enemy infantry or a tank that has sighted you, as you very well might get blown up by its retaliatory shell.
        * Shoot helicopters down with a tank, use mounted .50's on it, or go assault with the tracer darts and nab it with a tracer. Once the dart has hit then have another player with an RPG hit it. The reason why you want assault with the tracer dart is that they can drop an ammo kit and spam the skies until you hit him. Try the M2 gustav w/ extra rockets. The faster projectile speed (compared to the rpg) makes hitting choppers easy. Tank can work well if the chopper is low enough. I've had very good luck with the AT4, even though I'm just learning. Good pilots fly rather eratically, so guided rockets easily trump the faster ones most of the time. Crappy pilots are easy to shoot down with almost anything, and aren't nearly as leathal It's the good pilots you need to focus on, and plan for.
        * The m95 sniper rifle is at the top of the list. A good sniper can pick a pilot out of any of the choppers - except for the Apache, which seems to be the only one with 50-cal resistant glass.
        * Next is the AA gun. Any chopper spends most of his time either avoiding these or shooting these. My suggestion is harass a chopper with the machine guns on any light - armored vehicle, like the humvee or the cobra, even a mounted one, or a the turrets on a APCs or tanks, and while the chopper is dealing with those, shoot it down with an AA.
        * Many times you will see a chopper bugging out to go repair. Often times the pilot is stupid, and will fly in a straight line in order to gain as much speed as possible. Hop in a tank, and lob a main round. If you can aim, the chopper is finished.
        * Finally, the M2 gustav is excellent. While in a chopper it is hard to spot infantry that is not moving or firing, so the best plan is to crouch and wait until the chopper is close and flying toward you. Then launch a rocket down its gullet. Every pilot makes mistakes, every pilot will fly straight at some point.
        * As a Blackhawk pilot, you should have your vehicle perk set to EW (The close-range infantry finder). This will allow ALL YOUR PASSENGERS to see the enemy in the chopper vicinity. You effectively become a BF2 classic UAV for everyone before they bail out of it.

    Conquest tips

        * Playing Conquest, equip yourself with the vehicle smoke spec. Then drive your tank onto a flag and deploy your smoke cartridges. You and your supporting engies will be concealed from enemy fire while for a limited time during which you can capture the flag. (only works for small or narrow maps like Laguna Presa)
        * Because of the some of the conversations we had I decided to hop into an empty server and flip a couple flags to see if there is bleed in conquest. There absolutely is bleed, however it's not as obvious as it was in previous battlefield games as the score doesn't flash when it happens.
        * I've noticed the spawn points are much more reasonably placed than in previous BF games. Usually they're a good distance away from the flag so you shouldn't have to worry about enemies spawning around or on top of you.
        * You don't have to run in like the flag needs to be cleared and neutralized in 15 seconds. Instead hang back and let the Recon find enemy players with motion mines and clear them all out before moving up. This will keep the squad closer together, you'll get wiped out less often and loose fewer tickets.

    Rush tips

        * You do NOT have to arm the M-COMs and alert the enemy of your presence when you can blow it up with C4.
        * If you are Recon /w the Explosives perk, you have enough C4 to take it out by yourself. It takes 12 C4 to blow up an M-COM.
        * Place your six C4 packs and one of those sensor balls on an M-COM. Then, arm the crate and run. Wait til several enemies are in the building and KABOOOM!
        * And assault can take c4 if you equip the shotgun, then you will have an ammo pack to resupply yourself
        * Tip for disarming the charge on defense - You can move while you arm and disarm, often buying you some time. Once you have started you don't need to continue facing it, you can turn around and fire your weapon.
        * You can do a decent amount of damage to the MCOM stations with AT rounds, so if you cant get in close just find some ammo and fire away. Same goes for the tank.
        * If someone else is disarming, and you have some time, cover them. Two people disarming is two easy kills.

    Technical tips:

    This has been posted all over the internet but just in case:
    <path to documents and settings>/BFBC2/settings.ini
    In there, if you change:
    The game will use Direct X 9 instead of defaulting to 10. This has given me a 100% performance increase. I put all of my settings on max and I get 70+ FPS.
    Also I haven't tested but I have seen if you set
    You get a performance increase too but not nearly as much as the direct x 9.
    Field of view
    You can edit this by going to "My Documents > BFBC2 > settings.ini" and changing your (VERTICAL) FOV settings.
    55 FoV = ~80 horizontal FoV
    65 FoV = ~90 horizontal FoV
    75 FoV = ~100 horizontal FoV
    85 FoV = ~110 horizontal FoV
    95 FoV = ~120 horizontal FoV

Settings file location = C:UsersAdministratorDocumentsBFBC2

Version 5.3
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