In memory of my Chewbacca, my friend and auto mechanic persson
Simon gave me this really nice stained glass wings.

I thanked him for again reaching in and pulling my heart out of my chest
And then I put the wings in an important place near puppies ashes.
Little did I know what was going to happen next.

Notice the wings?
Notice the Wings?

So since puppy passed I noticed a big part of my day was missing.
Anyone who knows me knows I am into conspiracies and such.
So some close friends decided to send me some screen shots of ads for puppies.
They could see I was missing Chewbacca so it was out of compassion that they sent them.
I appreciated all of the ads they sent but truthflly I wasn't ready for a new friend.

Then, one day a friend sent this ad:

Once I saw the ad, I had to at the very least meet her and her mom.
Even though we were going to Kelowna for a week the next day,
I had to drag the wife out to Wetaskiwin to Charlas canaine cuddles and meet puppy.
We met puppy, her mom, her breeder and a bunch more.

As you can tell, an hour later we were on our way home withthe newest member of our family.
Her name is Princess Leia, she is half Boston Terrier half Pug and all love.
Yes she is a baby, so she does baby things. Like throw up in my car on the way home.
She's being taught not to eat anythign on the ground, Not to chew shoes
She has shown us she's super smart.

Leia loves to play with the German Shepard, she loves to fight.
I think she understands that we are her family. We are here for the long run.
Of course, one of the first things we did was get her health insurance through Trupanion

When Chewbacca got a stomach mass that was about 1/3 of his weight.
The bill was $11,000 and some change. (My end was about $1800)
When he passed away, that visit cost $4700 and some. (I paid 980$)

Nothing you do, no amount of caring or love is more important than health insurance.


On August 1, 2010 Chewbacca was born. He was full of life, a pureblood Shih-tzu and really intelligent.
On July 10, 2023 Chewbacca passed away due to a heridtary heart murmurr that just got work until he passed. ♥
I will forever miss him, and I look forward tothe day where I can see him again.

I love you buddy.


Well after much begging from the munchkin, we finally found a puppy that is hypoallergenic. Of course...nothing is easy.

Here is the story.
For about a month now I have been looking for a decent non allergy puppy that wouldn't be too much of a hassle. So I trolled Craigslist, Kijiji and some other boards, emailing a few people about their current selection of pups.

I first received an email from this lady who explained that she was unable to keep her teacup Maltease/Yorkie cross.. She explained that she loved this lil puppy a lot and only hoped to get her a good home. I was told that she had moved to Alaska and was in a situation where she could no longer keep it.

So, like a sucker, this sounded legit to me and I said I would be able to give the little puppy a good home. The lady said she would be able to ship the puppy via air and have it delivered to my home for about 100$. Personally, i thought that was pretty cheap, but ok. Well It's a scam. Before actually getting the email from the "delivery" company explaining their terms etc... I took a look at the headers of the email from this lady in Alaska. Her IP address was registered to the Afrinic. Big red flag..... then I got the email from the delivery company. Checked their phone number in Google, and they were part of the Cameroon Pet delivery Scam.

What they do is claim that they will deliver the animal to you for a fairly low price. Then you send via Western Union a Money gram for the animals transport. But then the problems begin. Animal needs vet checkup to enter your country. $$$...animal needs shots to enter your company....$$$ Animal needs Kennel costs because it had to see vet for check up and shots..$$$  Plane delay, animal needs food $$$... you see where this is going...

So, after I kindly explained to the lady (via email) that I figured out her scam and I would not be participating, I got a call from a Much nicer lady who had two pure bred Shih Tzu puppies for sale. They had been to a vet, they had their first shots and they were hypoallergenic. 

The truth is BUYER BEWARE. And check your sources. Below is the result of my search, Kyrsty named him "Chewbacca" and I think you can see why.

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