Sandy Hook

This was a terrible time, a terrible incident. Using children for political gain is a pretty common action by slimy politicians. Using the death or the presumed death of children to push your political narritave is beyond low, sleazy and down right distasteful.

So if it happened, or if it didn't is entirely based on your perception of the events.

The following PDF provides some insight to the idea that this event might just be a very poorly constructed, poorly executed attempt at a political gun control grab. If you would like a copy of the PDF please contact me.


If people are allowed to silence the public from discourse then the future will allow horrific acts to continue again and again. There should never be a silence on a topic, no matter how bad, no matter how evil.

I can't personally imagine how terrible it would be to lose a child to some idiot with a gun. However, it would be far far worse to use that child to push an agenda.The rights bestowed by our creator are not rights that can be taken away by a person with a plan.

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