Below is a list of hacker friendl servers. If you are a really dedicated player, you will want to avoid these servers as they are hacker friendly. This means that if you have a hack that is currently not known to punkbuster, you can play on these servers and the admins will not kick you, as long as your on their team.

How do I determin that these are hacker friendly servers? A few simple tests.

- Get into a situation where you will normally die. Like throw a grenade within 3 feet of your self and another player. You die, he runs away.

- Find a location where you cannot be seen. The watch for the UAV overhead. Unless the commander (if they have one) is exactly and continuously pointing you out wait for the player to bee-line right to you, or snipe you from a great distance.

- Lastly, watch the players from on top of a very tall building, when you see the player snap his gaze to your position, and then in a  standing position, single shot kill you with any fully auto weapon, you know you have found a hacker friendly server.

This whole clan is bent. Not only are they hacker friendly, if they begin losing a game, they will turn on the hacks just to win. Zero talent, even less class.

Several of their admins were hacking. Players that hide behind their admin status and then use artifical aiming programs simply don't deserve to have servers. If you want to play against bots, this is your server.


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