And now I am old...Well older. So I managed to acquire a new motorcycle, probably one of my last. I said I wouldn't do it, but I need to have a bike that would inspire me to ride again. So below, we will find the new bike in all it's glory. To everyone who helped me obtain this, thank you.

2021 Harley Davidson Slim

Had one of these..
Had one of these.. Sportster Stage 2
Had one of these..

This is my current ride, but it comes with a very special story

This bike, is a 1980 CB 650k. It is almost 40 years old but has been stored inside for the past 13 or so years. I removed the front fairing and saddle bags as the bike is actually too smal to use them. I also like how the bike looks without them. I am currently keeping the rear top case as it is useful for storing some stuff and it integrates a backrest for the passenger. This is especially helpful when I have the grandson riding with me.

This bike was previously owned by my friend Greg Penney. Sadly he passed away last year before he was ever able to ride it.Prior to this the bike was owned by Gregs father. He had put the fairing and saddle bags on as well he did have the opportunity to ride it and as I understand rode it until he was no longer physically able to. Now the bike has been passed to me. So far I have spent a couple of months cleaning it up... replaced a few minor things and fixed some minor electrical issues that were present. 

I purchased the motorcycle from Greg's mom, on a nice Aug 12th 2018. Greg's mom passed away Sept 4th I think 2018, before she had a chance to see the bike back running again. This part saddens me the most. Greg's mom was a really nice lady, smart as a whip and an excellent judge of human nature. Given my experience with Greg I said it when I met Greg's mom and I'll say it till I pass.. If she raised Greg, she is one formidable woman. I got the call that she passed the same day I got he call that the bike was ready to pick up. Sometimes.... that's just the way it goes.. I hope they are lookinf down on us with the smile Greg was always known for and the gleam in her eye that Greg's mom always seeemed to have.

I do have the side covers, but I don't want to put them on until I have a way to make sure they don't "vanish" ... even have the factory tool kit :) Which as anyone who rides knows... is very hard to keep around.

This is a Y tube.... wrong size..

Still a Y tube.. still the wrong size

With new carbs but battery is aligned wrong.. so the air filters wont fit

This is how a 40 year old bike should run ;)




And battery has been realigned, side covers on.

Truly a labour of love.

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My Truck:)

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