Good Day

Here we will find that Beretta did in fact create one of the finest handguns in the world. This would be the 40 Caliber FS96G Brigadier Model. Unlike the 92FS, the 96 has a single line stacking of the bullets in the magazine, as well as the chamfered barrel and way more power.

I have taken these pictures this morning, only the one showing the serial was edited to remove the serial. Check exif if you like.

It seems, that every once in awhile a company like Beretta will create a masterpiece of engineering in both functionality and beauty. The Elite 2 FS96g is such a weapon. Not like the flimsy Glock, or the HIGHLY over rated Desert Eagle, this handgun was intended for the connoisseur.

Not something your local gang banger would pull ot of his pants waist dangling around his knees.
(sorry wild... hehe) 

I hope this helps clear up the "Airsoft" misconception.


Click To EnlargeNot for children...or Americans ☺Dis-assembled for cleaning service..A real form and function
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