In the film "THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR" Robert Redford plays a character that reads books for the CIA. His job is to read hundreds of fictional scenarios and then pass along reports as to what is possible to implement in the real world.

One morning he gets a hankering and goes out for snacks, only to return to his office and find everyone dead.

On the run from his own government, he kidnaps Faye Dunaway, eventually enlisting her help, and plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with Cliff Robertson, who plays the head of the agency he used to work for.

It seems that one of the books he has read described a Middle East scenario that then involved a series of terrorist actions carried out in the US, which the CIA decided to actually USE, and began to implement. They just couldn't have any witnesses around that may have read the book and actually NOTICE what they were up to.

In the rather laughable ending, Redford has a conversation with Robertson outside the front doors of the New York Times, that bastion of freedom and accuracy in media. Redford says The Times will blow the lid off the whole sordid affair and bring Robertson and his whole nasty government agency down.

The supposed "Terrorist" bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building on April 19, 1995 in Oklahoma City and the 168 men, women and children who were the victims, has been kept fresh in our minds all this time.

The death by lethal injection on June 11th of "The Lone Gunman" responsible for the worst act of terrorism in American history, seems to have brought this horrific chapter to an end. That is, of course, the worst act of terrorism NOT committed by the US Federal Government against it's own citizens. Those are considered "Official Police Actions". Like Waco, Ruby Ridge, wiping out the Native American Indians through disease and mass genocide or the destruction of the South in the Civil War. These are not considered random acts of terror for carrying out a political agenda at all. But it is the WINNERS who write the history.

Those of you who have been aware enough to not swallow the regurgitated hog vomit that the Media has been spoon feeding us over the last six years, have no doubt become acquainted with many of the various HARD FACTS that do not fit with the McVeigh/Fed/Media versions of what happened. In fact it was THIS humble newsletter that was the very FIRST to report many of them, such as the evidence from the University of Oklahoma of two distinct seismic footprints, indicating TWO explosions at the time of the blast. And that was only the beginning of the blizzard of puzzle pieces that did not mesh with the government's murderous mosaic.

The reports of four bombs in the building, from Gov. Frank Keating himself, strapped to the structural supports, of which only two actually exploded (which should prove RIGHT THERE the Feds were behind it! Ha-ha!) The mystery behind why NO ONE from the FBI or ATF showed up for work that day. Why bomb squads, fire departments and hospitals had been warned the DAY BEFORE to be prepared for a major terrorist assault some where in the downtown area. Or why a bomb squad was in the area the building and the parking lot at 6:00 AM morning.

There was no blast crater. The street lights across the street less than sixty feet away were still left standing. Not a TRACE of fertilizer supposedly used for the ammonium nitrate bomb was found present ANYWHERE ON THE SCENE. (All the HEAVY-DUTY fertilizer was saved for the cover story later on!) There was never a TRACE of the mythical Ryder truck ever found, as investigators said it had been "vaporized". Where were John Does numbers two, three and four, and why did they stop looking for additional suspects only two days after they had Nichols and McVeigh? Why was eyewitness testimony taken by the FBI, misreported and altered on a MASSIVE scale?

Although aerial photos were taken the day before only a few miles outside of OKC of a Ryder truck and a brown sedan parked and being loaded inside a fenced military bivouac, surrounded by half-tracks, Jeeps, Hum-Vees and other military vehicles. There are a few fleeting video images taken from inside the lobby of a local hotel of a Ryder truck passing by on the street at about the time it was supposed to be there.

Explosives experts, both civilian and military, say the McVeigh/Fed/Media fantasy defies the very laws of physics, much less reality and common sense.

McVeigh's first attorney, Stephen Jones, has been about today on FOX and MSNBC reminding the country that a ninth unidentified leg was found in the rubble of the Murrah Building. Eight victims who had legs amted were identified and matched with their severed legs. A ninth leg in MILITARY FATIGUES was never identified.

What could be the explanation of this other than that one of the bombers was caught in the crossfire, and given medical attention under the radar by a well connected intelligence community. Any other possible explanations of this odd-man-out leg? (Incidentally, while, thanks to 24 hours news stations, and reporters and talk show hosts who are not overtly part of any cover-up, incongruous facts like this are thankfully reported but the coordinated NEWS line never varies on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN,and FOX.)

By now, you have no doubt heard it all before. My job is to dig a bit deeper with a few insights and bizarre coincidences you may have missed.

FRANK KEATING, the republican governor of Oklahoma, used to be head of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. Better known as the sinister ATF, it has been called by insiders and former employees a "Nest of snakes," and has the retion among law enforcement professionals as being the single most corrupt and criminal agency within the federal government. Knowing the state of the nation, especially under the Clinton Administration, that is quite a statement.

Keating was a former hotshot FBI agent becoming a regional director and later became the assistant secretary of the Treasury who supervised the Secret Service. The Secret Service, by the way, is a department of the Treasury whose main functions are protecting (and keeping in line) government officials and tracking down counterfeiters. Many also consider them the private police force for the privately owned and controlled Federal Reserve.

The entire Keating family are political hatchet men, career intelligence operatives and agent provocateurs. But it gets even more interesting.

Governor Frank Keating's brother, Martin Keating, has become a well-known writer in the adventure, espionage and spy novel market.

Martin wrote a manuscript back in the spring of 1991, roughly four years before the OKC bombing. A work of extremely wild e "fiction" its premise and events seemed so outlandish and surreal that Martin could not get his work published until after the Oklahoma City bombing. Why? Because one by one, every ONE of the events that he writes about in this "outlandish work of fiction" began to come true and fill the headlines in America and around the world.

This manuscript, now a published book, is titled "The Final Jihad: When the 'Best of the Worst' Finally come for us".

Format: Hardcover, 480pp., Publisher: Logical Figments, Inc., Pub. Date: April 19, 1996.

Keating says: " I would like to thank all of the people who have read my book. It is sad to really see what the world is coming to. Pray for the world." I guess Keating would know what kind of trouble we are in for.

The promo reads:

"THE FINAL JIHAD brings to readers, for the first time, actual intelligence gathered by espionage operatives worldwide. It has been fashioned into a blockbuster novel by Martin Keating, who employs "Predictive analysis" of classified information--the same technique used by government security agencies to antite terrorist assaults. The plans, strategies, and assassination techniques of the terror masters in this book are real. Their chemical and biological tools of destruction are real. And their ever-increasing threat to our survival is real.

"Vicious attacks of terrorism are Unleashed across the country---all at the hands of the 'Best of the Worst'. As America hurtles headlong toward anarchy, the action catapults the opposing forces to a spectacular denouement in the nation's capital. The race against the clock is exhilarating, terrifying, and astonishingly real.

"THE FINAL JIHAD is a prophetic blueprint, a warning of horrifying upcoming acts of terrorism targeted against the United States. It's a wake-up call no one should ignore."

In this book, Keating lays out a story of terrorists, based in Oklahoma City, who decide to bomb a federal building as just one of a string of terrorist actions which would be the beginning of a revolutionary movement against the federal government. Guess what the name of the one of the key militia "terrorists" in the book is?

Tom McVey.

The kicker of this "fictional work" is that after the terrorists in The Final Jihad blow up the building, they are fleeing the scene listening to the radio, where the news calls it "The worst act of terrorism in US history".

Suddenly, red lights go on right behind them, and they are stopped by an Oklahoma State Trooper for a broken tail light.

Tim McVeigh was, of course, listening to what had happened on his car radio, and was then stopped by an Oklahoma State Trooper for a missing license plate. He had a gun in the car and was arrested on the gun charge.

Here is a guy who had supposedly just murdered 168 people in COLD BLOOD. Does he shoot the cop and escape? No. He points the gun OUT to the policeman, and apologizes for having it, pulling out the clip and handing it to the cop. He quietly allows himself to be arrested for having the loaded gun and then is later identified as the bomber.

Another odd event is that a member of the FBI investigation team, whose photo runs once in the OKC papers, and was picked up by mostly Internet and alternative news media, is an FBI agent who is a DEAD RINGER for McVeigh. Same crew cut, height, weight, and eye color. I have seen the photo, and these guys, literally, look like twins separated at birth. Most people have heard of the "Multiple Oswalds" theory surrounding the JFK assassination plot. The same angles seem to all be at work here.

So we have a book in manuscript form written four years before the OKC bombing by the brother of one of the major players in possibly the execution of the bombing, and definitely in the COVER-UP, whose story line involves terrorists in Oklahoma City. This part of this fictional work comes true.

We have a main character in the book by the name of Tom McVey. In real life, the bomber four years later in OKC is named Tim McVeigh.

We have the terrorists in this fictional work stopped by Oklahoma state troopers for a broken taillight. In real life, our bomber, Tim McVeigh, is pulled over by an Oklahoma State trooper because of a missing license plate.

How's that for fiction being stranger than reality? In this book, remember it's written in 1991, Martin Keating also "predicts" the downing of a TWA aircraft just as it is taking off for Paris coming out of JFK International Airport by a back pack carried Stinger missile, just like TWA Flight 800. And he predicted the World Trade Center bombing using a van filled with explosives parked in the underground lot. Sound a bit too close for guess work?

Here is a guy that I want writing for THIS NEWSLETTER! He has a track record practically better than mine! Is Mr. Keating psychic? A government trained Remote Viewer? Some kind of latter day Prophet, that he could have SO MANY accurate premonitions that have all come true in such a stunningly accurate manner? Was this just a premonition that Mr. Keating had? Is he getting Visions from God...or possibly from His competition?

Who knows, but THE FINAL JIHAD sounds like a blue print for an entire series of actions, that, in EACH CASE, the military and the federal government have spent millions of dollars, and gone to feverish lengths, to cover up.

What is Mr. Martin Keating's background? In his own words from his self written bio (

"Martin Keating is a master storyteller with unique access to government intelligence agencies and clandestine terrorist groups.

"His brother Frank Keating, currently governor of Oklahoma, is a former FBI agent and assistant secretary of the Treasury who supervised the Secret Service, U.S. Customs, and theBureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

"Keating's uncle, Barney Martin was a career intelligence officer who headed the U.S. Navy's worldwide foreign intelligence collection operations and counterintelligence activities.

"Introduced to the intelligence community through generations of family involvement, Martin Keating knows intimate details of what the rest of us can only imagine. Armed with firsthand knowledge of explosives and of chemical and biological weapons, Keating accurately reveals what the highest government officials have known, feared, and covered up for much too long."

Martin Keating also bragged after the bombing that he had copies of the surveillance film from the Southwest Bell building across the street from the Alfred P. Murrah building, the side the explosion occurred on. The film from the Regency Towers of the far side of the building, survived completely intact. The government claims the Southwest Bell film didn't.

It would be safe to say that they are lying, just as they have lied about every other aspect of this tragedy. They are lying to protect their assets and their invented story. The Fairy Tale of, "Once upon a time there was a building in Oklahoma, and one evil man brought it down."

There wasn't a scintilla of this strange story anywhere in the press except Media Bypass Magazine, Fortean Times and Fate Magazine. You would think the "mainstream media" would have jumped on this like a robin on a June-bug just because of who the author of the manuscript is.

Has anyone ever put Martin Keating under oath and asked him to produce these video surveillance films? Nope.

In what appeared to be a major behind the scenes tussle between various police and intelligence agencies, at the last minute, the FBI released over 3,000 pages of doents related to the OKC bombing that had been withheld from the public and from the defense and prosecutors in the trial of Tim McVeigh. They claimed they had all been "Misplaced" and had "Just now been found."

But the press stated that the FBI knew of these 3000 found doents, -- which they released a few days before the first scheduled execution of McVeigh, -- since January 27, 2001 !!! Attorney General John Ashcroft came out within hours to make sure the McVeigh execution would be postponed for a month, as was the purpose of the FBI "find." Further, it was revealed that these doents were found at no less than 36 FBI offices around the country! What was the scenario? One FBI agent saw a box in Oklahoma City: "My GOD! What's this? QUICK! Call Cincinnati and St. Louis and see if our offices there have any unmarked boxes sitting around with McVeigh doents in it." Welcome to "FED-GOV: THE SIT-COM! You'll laugh till you die!"

All of this was done just BEFORE, and as a pre-emptive strike against, former congressman Charles Key released the KEY REPORT which has blown major holes in the FBI's, the Establishment Media's AND McVeigh's own version of the events both before and after the bombing.

Or did the FBI "find" these doents to postpone the McVeigh execution a month, to better focus public attention on it, perhaps to test the public opinion waters with more polls, to give the casual observer the impression that the FBI was being oh-so overly fair to McVeigh -- instead of orchestrating the cover-up, and to give the Fedgov and Big Media more time for damage control to quell those nasty "conspiracy theorists" who won't ignore facts such as those in this article.

OR could it be that the FBI was not let in on the CIA/DIA/NSA Intel community's plans to keep McVeigh alive by faking his death, as has been done countless times for various celebrities and top intelligence personell? Maybe they found out and did not approve and this was their way of gumming up the works?

The ensuing cover-up was so serious, that head of the FBI Louis Freeh, a Clinton appointee, took "all the blame and responsibility" and then resigned, even after being asked to stay on by the Bush White House. Freeh, a master cover-up artist, had been brought into the FBI by Clinton, after his predecessor had been framed and ousted for the misappropriation of $2500 to put a fence up around his house after death threats had been made against his family.

Of course now that he has resigned, Freeh, who had a cushy job waiting for him in the private sector at 10 times the pay, will now have to take none of the blame and none of the responsibility for this "accidental cover-up".

And guess who is ready to take his place?

There is talk that Governor Frank Keating - who states emphatically on the live news coverage the morning of the bombing that more bombs were found and "have been removed from the building" (a statement he now denies, but which, inconveniently for him, has been memorialized on film) - may be slated to replace Louis Freeh.

Sleep well America. Sleep well.

I made an outrageous statement in my March 2-3, 2001 radio appearance on Art Bell. That Timothy McVeigh is a government agent, and a good soldier, carrying out a well-planned and predetermined mission. That this whole deal has been an undercover Black Operation from the giddy-up designed to carry out and accomplish a number of social and political agendas. I said all this in this newsletter all the way back in April of 1995 when it FIRST HAPPENED!

Also, that McVeigh's death would be FAKED. That he would be hustled into something called PROJECT: GAIA, the spy world's super secret witness protection program, which has been used for more celebrities, heroes and villains, than you could ever imagine.

I was told this by a very close friend who works for MI-6 (Military Intelligence, Division 6) which is the famous double-O, James Bond, license to kill department of British Intelligence, that McVeigh's death would be faked. He told me that McVeigh would wave all of his appeals, insist on being put to death right away, insist on TV cameras and media, to make it as public as possible, that he would die by lethal injection and insist on cremation.

"Standard operating procedure, mate. Done all the time!" he joked between chain smoking cigarettes. "Then they juice him to make him look nice and stiff, then cart him off, wake him up and burn the box with some old dead geezer in it. All easy creasy!" He winked and laughed. "Watch for David Copperfield somewhere in the background!"

I thought he was pulling my leg, until, to my horror, I watched it all start to happen by the numbers.

I have no proof, and no evidence for my statements, outside of that, given the context of the ENTIRE situation, it seems to make a perfect, mad kind of sense. Along with that, I know how the minds of these people work and how Black Ops and the spy world operate. Also my friend, and "Inside Source" had never led me astray before.

This past May, a group of us were coming back from going UFO skywatching at James Gilliland's ranch at the foot of Mt. Adams in Washington State. At a truck stop newsstand was a copy of THE WEEKLY WORLD NEWS. Usually famous for The Bat Boy, and rigged up pictures of Aliens shaking hands with politicians, I am convinced it is financed by some very bad people and used primarily to give everyone in the UFO/Psychic/Paranormal field a bad name, (like they really need any HELP!)

Splashed across the front cover was the taut, dead face of Tim McVeigh. The headline screamed:


The newspaper was published May 17, 2001, and it had obviously gone to press just before McVeigh had received his last minute stay of execution due to the release of the FBI files. The picture looked to have been badly doctored, like MOST of the stuff in the WWN. But it was still rather shocking, and I thought may have been a in the carefully illustrated Passion Play, or, more likely, a pre-emptive strike. A way to mock and discredit in advance those who might suspect the truth. This is what the WEEKLY WORLD NEWS is used for all the time, and I believe what it's ultimate purpose is.

On the program HEADLINERS AND LEGENDS, MSNBC did a profile on McVeigh. In 1993 McVeigh had visited AREA 51, and spent time with a number of the disinformation agents and smear artists running the "AREA 51 Research Center" in Rachel, Nevada. That he had also spent extended periods of time at the "DREAMLAND MOTEL" which is used by numerous agents and operatives as a drop spot and safehouse to be "Prepared" for various missions. The code name for AREA 51 is also called DREAMLAND, which actually stands for Data Retrieval and Electronic Analysis Management--LAND.

To the very end, in all of the interviews he SUPPOSEDLY did for the fairy-tale spin job book "AMERICAN TERRORIST", he touted the "Nope, it was just me and Terry. Home made bombs. Good ol' American know-how! Stop lookin' ! No conspiracy here..." government line, although ALL the actual physical evidence points to the contrary.

But the only thing McVeigh HIMSELF said through this whole period was a replay from a Sixty Minutes interview from a few years ago in which McVeigh said, "It was terrible that there were children in that building." Keep in mind, McVeigh never admitted his part during his public trial, or at anytime until he "confessed" in the dubious book "American Terrorist" by the FedGov. approved spin doctors Lou Michel and Dan Herbeck ... if you want to believe that.

ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and FOX all said that McVeigh's confession in the Michel / Herbeck book was, "what the American people had been waiting for." Actually, it was what the Ruling Elite had been waiting for to plant in the public mind that McVeigh had confessed to the absurdity that he was the "Lone Bomber", with Terry Nichols as a remote helper.

AND NOW, they are going to solidify the lies and the myth once and for all in good old American style. Most people are too dumb to read, so we have to SHOW them what REALLY happened on TV. Yes, on June 14, 2001, CBS bought the rights to "American Terrorist", and you are going to see "TIM McVEIGH AND THE OKC BOMBING: THE MINI-SERIES!"

The ONLY other plausible reason I could think of for McVeigh's actions leading up to his execution, besides the promise of the long vacation at PROJECT: GAIA'S top secret VALHALLA luxury compound, would be that reprisals would be taken against his sister and the rest of his family. Jack Ruby was dying of cancer before he popped Oswald, and he was promised by the Mob that his family would be taken care of, and they were.

He admitted to one University of Indiana psychologist that he was paid to do it by a group of men, but he would not say who. But who was he protecting? Who would take the fall for this kind of crime and pay with their life? No criminal that I have ever seen, and certainly no mercenary.

McVeigh was also visited a number of times by one of the most infamous progenitors of the CIA's MK Ultra mind control program Dr. "Jolly" West, who had been intimately involved with Jack Ruby, Sirhan Sirhan, Mark David Chapman and John Hinckley. Before his death last year, Dr. West had unlimited and private access to McVeigh.

McVeigh had written letters to both his sister and his next door neighbor where he used this exact phrase over and over again: "It is NOT death. I am simply stepping into another life."

Steven Jones, McVeigh's former attorney, has repeated his contention that the April 19, 1995 bombing was part of a conspiracy and that McVeigh is lying when he claims sole responsibility.

He said McVeigh's death will prevent authorities from learning the names of his co-conspirators.

"Tim McVeigh is a clever, manitive, cunning person,'' Jones said. "Tim McVeigh is certainly capable of elaborate lies. I'm not going to be silent when he lies, which he has.''

Inmate's close to McVeigh interviewed by the press said that Tim had been refusing to eat in his final weeks in order to lose weight so he would allegedly look more like a martyr. McVeigh knew that his requests for photos, video and live national coverage of the execution had been denied. There was only a closed-circuit broadcast to the families of the victims in another building. So why the hunger strike? It would make total sense if it was done as preparation for plastic reconstructive surgery. It would make facial and even body changes that much easier.

McVeigh made no final statement at his execution, although he was given the time and the opportunity. Here is a man given the chance, and who prepared, to become a "Martyr" for his deeply held beliefs and make a Grand Exit. Who killed 168 people to make a statement about the tyranny of the federal government, and yet he, AGAIN, had nothing to say! Not at his sentencing or his execution.

Nothing about "dismantling government one building at a time." Nothing about how FBI sniper/murderer Lon Hurachi should have also faced justice. Hurachi blew off Randy Weaver's wife's head while she held their baby daughter in her arms. Or how this SAME MAN machine- gunned the Branch Davidians as they fled from their burning church, while the Feds trampled on the Constitution with jack boots stained with children's blood to the cheers of people like Howard Stern and the rest of the media swine.

Or how the government had built a monument to those who died at OKC, but where was the monument for 14 year-old Sammy Weaver who was shot in the back by the ATF? Or the men, women and children who were savagely trapped and then burned alive at Waco? An those who tried to escape the holocaust were gunned down by FBI snipers.

Who sheds tears for them?

Why aren't their faces on the cover of NEWSWEEK? Why don't their names scroll across a screen in silence while Lon Hurachi, Hilary Clinton (who ORDERED the assault) and Janet Reno get the joy juice for the Big Nap? All the reasons he had given for doing what he claims to have done, and still nothing at the end.

The OKC bombing was a horrific tragedy, but is the government sponsored terrorism, murder and mayhem of the last few years any less so? Perhaps even more, as the perpetrators of Waco and Ruby Ridge not only go unpunished, but have been promoted for their 'heroism'.

McVeigh allegedly ordered the prison authorities to pass out a copy of the famous poem "Invictus" written by William Ernest Henley more than a century ago, which some news sources reported was passed out AFTER McVeigh was pronounced dead.

McVeigh clearly and calmly looked at each member of the press and the audience in the eye and nodded, acknowledging their presence, and was strapped to the table without a word.

An entire series of very unusual events, one after the other occured at McVeigh's execution, which would be noticed by ANYONE paying attention. Live media said before McVeigh was marched into the execution chamber:

1. "The chemicals were mixed in some other city and brought in."

Very strange, as the "Death tail" is a standard formula used in state and federal prisons throughout the country. Why did it have to be mixed somewhere else and 'Shipped in?"

2. "The Executioner is not known, but was brought in for this event. His name is not being released."

All prisons, both state and federal have usually one man, or a group on executions, which are licensed, bonded, and used over and over again. Even Utah, which has death by firing squad, has used the same group of men for years. The executioner is a PUBLIC FIGURE, hired by the state, and there is absolutely NO REASON to hide his identity. In fact, this is the FIRST TIME IN US HISTORY that the identity of an executioner at either a state or federal level has been kept secret. Should the media have been screaming for an interview? "The Man Who Killed McVeigh!" This curious fact ALONE should shed light on this entire process.

3. "McVeigh will not have an autopsy at his own request."

Since when does the prisoner get a choice in this matter? Under state and federal law, autopsies are performed as a matter of routine in all homicides, although they certainly would have known the cause of death in this case, and one may not have been required, but it is NOT the prisoner's choice.

4. "McVeigh will be cremated and his ashes given to his lawyer for disposition."

5. No mention by the media, even though they described every event that occurred in the execution chamber, of a doctor or someone with a heart monitor, stethoscope etc. IN FACT THERE WASN'T ONE! Who did the drip? A government agent? Who monitored his death? How did they know he was dead? Did some just stick a fork in him? WHO signed the death certificate, and WHEN?

Every description of lethal injection that I have ever heard is that the victim gets groggy, the head lolls, the eyes close, they slowly fall asleep, the breathing gets shallower and shallower over the course of five minutes and then they are gone. The skin turns white and pale as the color drains and lividly slowly sets in.

Three distinct chemicals are used in the lethal injection process. There is a very large pharmacology involved here, which is usually up to the individual attending doctor and anesthesiologist. But usually the victim is injected with sodium pentathol or diapentathol, which induces an overwhelming euphoric sleep. The second drug is a muscle relaxant which is usually Norcuron or Sutcholine. This calms the breathing and begins to slowly suppress the body's autonomic systems. Finally, potassium is introduced which stops the heart and then the brain goes dead, which all takes about five minutes.

In McVeigh's case, he looked straight up at the ceiling and his eyes never closed. In fact witnesses stated they were wide open and then began to glaze over. His body stiffened in an odd way, getting tighter and tenser, and then his breathing seemed to suddenly just stop. During this process his skin turned an odd yellowish color. This whole thing struck me as odd.

I interviewed Russian born Beverly Hills based anesthesiologist Dr. Musye Branovin who has assisted literally thousands of operations, about the McVeigh execution.

"This is really not my specialty," he joked. "My job is to make sure the people I put under actually WAKE UP!"

He briefed me on the process and pointed out a few of the odd anomalies.

"Sometimes patients eyes will loll, and be open in a droop lidded manner, but that is only when they are semi-conscious. We sometimes close the lids so the eyes will not dry out. But the eyes glazing over and staying wide upon under any of the pentathol drugs is extremely unusual. And the yellowing of the skin, that is also very strange. Unless there was some kind of dye in the drug he was given. In death the skin would go extremely pale as the blood would drain from the face and begin to pool in the lower extremities."

But I know of one group of drugs that have EXACTLY THAT EFFECT. Two solid years of college Organic Chemistry is just now starting to come in handy.

"The Journal of Ethnopharmacology" publishes reports on the pharmacology and pharmaceutical use of plants and animals in different cultures. One of the major articles was written by Wade Davis of the Harvard Botany Dept. about Zombies in Haiti.

Davis went to Haiti and after a number of horrifying adventures, he was given the recipe to make a ZOMBIE by a "Bokor", a Haitian Voo-Doo witch doctor.

The recipe included puffer fish, which contains a poison called TETRO-DO-TOXIN which is a potent ion channel blocker. Tetrodotoxin poisoning can kill but used in the proper dose it leads to a near death like state with such a lowered metabolism that the poisoned person is thought to be dead, with no detectable heartbeat or respiration.

Afterwards they were buried and the poisoner would unearth the not quite dead victim and resuscitate them. They would then be fed a paste made from a plant that contained atropine and scopalomine, which are toxins that are potent dissociative hallucinogens. These now "Dead Men" or zombies were then either used as slaves by the witch doctors to demonstrate their power, or sold into labor camps to work in the fields.

Wade Davis was himself poisoned with this substance, and he wrote a book about his adventures in Haiti which was turned into a spine tingling Wes Craven horror movie called "THE SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW", starring Bill Pullman as Wade Davis.

Remember the scene where he was buried alive by the Voo Doo witch doctor, totally paralyzed, and yet completely conscious, as spiders crawled across his face? MAN! Scared me to DEATH! I had NIGHTMARES for MONTHS!

When Davis brought tetrodotoxin back to America, it was embraced mostly by the psychiatric community. It seems that electric shock treatments were falling out of favor, because the, I mean 'Patients', were twisting and convulsing so violently that they were breaking bones, pulling muscles and tearing ligaments right off the joints. But with a dose of tetrodotoxin, the 'patient' is now FULLY CONSCIOUS with heightened awareness and sensitivity, but paralyzed in a near death like state. They can completely, totally and FULLY experience and appreciate the full benefits of the 'treatment'.

This death like state is accentuated by rigor mortis like stiffness, a widening and glazing of the eyes, AND A YELLOW TINGE TO THE SKIN, due mostly to the enzymes from the puffer fish toxin. Although it was never noticed in the black potion it was used on for hundreds of years, it was the first effect that Wade Davis noticed on Caucasians. In the sanitariums it is called "Zombie Yellow" and explains the yellowish tinge to the skin of shock treatment 'patients.'

Suffice it to say that these were the exact symptoms described by all those in attendance at the Timothy McVeigh's execution.

Colonel Bo Gritz stated on Chris Matthews' Hardball on CNBC on that evening, that one observer claims to have seen McVeigh still drawing very shallow breathes after he was pronounced dead.

According to MSNBC on June 12, 2001, -- McVeigh had already been cremated (allegedly) at a funeral home in Terre Haute, Indiana! Some news outlets said his body would be released to his family for cremation. NOT TRUE! Strangely, none of McVeigh's family was even in the city of his execution. Nor was his body or ashes "released" or given to ANY of them. ALL of the affairs surrounding his death and the disposition of his corpse were handled by GOVERNMENT APPOINTMENT ATTORNEYS like Robert Nigh.

According to Lois Romano of the Washington Post on May 4, 2001:

"After he is declared dead by a coroner, his remains will be released to Nigh for cremation. Nigh said that he will never reveal where McVeigh wishes the ashes to be scattered, but he denied rumors that McVeigh has requested they be left at the site of the bombing."

Letter's from some of Terry Nichols' prison cell buddies say that Nichols wrote to a friend that he and McVeigh had $2.5 million waiting for them in offs accounts. Wonder if there's a deal cut here with McVeigh...and I wonder if there was, did the handlers really keep their end of the bargain?

But I'm sure that after McVeigh's execution that all went normally, and an autopsy was performed and the family took possession of the corpse, and that there were dozens of witnesses who actually SAW the body, and pictures were taken, and there was no switch, and that I am just crazy for thinking that maybe the Black Ops 'Mission:Impossible' Spy Boys have pulled another one over on the world....

Oh, but wait...THIS JUST IN!

From Fox News,,2933,27065,00.html

Prison Officials: He Was a Decoy

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. - A black he escorted from the federal prison by state police after Timothy McVeigh's execution was a decoy used as a security measure, a prison spokesman said Tuesday.

McVeigh's body actually was removed from the U.S. Penitentiary in a van shortly after the execution Monday morning, Bureau of Prisons spokesman Dan Dunne told The Associated Press.

He said the decoy was used to ensure the safe transfer of McVeigh's body from the Bureau of Prisons to the coroner or a representative of the inmate's.

"Someone could have tried an ambush or something," Dunne said. "There are all kinds of possibilities that could have happened."

McVeigh's body was taken to a local funeral home, where he was cremated and his ashes given to one of his attorneys, said the Rev. Ron Ashmore of St.Margaret Mary Church, who met with McVeigh during the past year.

In a recent letter to The Buffalo News, McVeigh said he wanted his ashes scattered at a secret location.


Sleep well, America. Sleep well.

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